GTM #254 - Cover Story
by Catalyst Game Labs


Cover Story


GTM #254 - Shadowrun: Street Wyrd

With new ways to use Shadowrun Sixth World rules and flavor to help players understand magic`s place in the world, Street Wyrd is an essential resource for Awakened characters 

by Catalyst Game Labs




GTM #254 - Features


GTM #254 - Enchanted Plumes

Compete with other players, display the most beautiful plumage
and score the most points in Enchanted Plumes from Calliope Games!  

by Calliope Games


GTM #254 - Ghostbusters / Men in Black
Ecto-Terrestrial Invasion 


The world’s not going to save itself, who you gonna call?
Pair up your team supreme and defend New York City in
Ghostbusters/Men In Black: Ecto-Terrestrial Invasion from IDW Games!     

by IDW Games