GTM #290 - Cover Story
by Cubicle 7



Cover of GTM #290; Lustria sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy RPG by Cubicle 7   

GTM #290 - Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Lustria Sourcebook

Journey across the Great Ocean, to the fabled land
of Lustria, and brave exciting new challenges and dangers
with this latest addition to the Warhammer Fantasy RPG

 by Cubicle 7




GTM #290 - Features


GTM #290  - Mycelia

Mycelia by Ravensburger

Follow the journey of creation, expansion, death, and rebirth
with Ravensburger’s Mycelia!

by Ravesburger 



GTM #290 - War of the Ring TCG: Fire & Sword


War of the Ring TCG Fire & Swords box art by Ares Games   

The Fire and Swords expansion brings new challenges to the
War of the Ring TCG from Ares Games!

by Ares Games