GTM #291 - Cover Story
by Paizo Publishing



Cover of GTM #291; Pathfinder Players Core 2 by Paizo Publishing   

GTM #291 - Pathfinder Player Core 2 Sourcebook

This latest installment for your Pathfinder library will complete your
core rulebook collection and is newly remastered under the ORC license! 

 by Paizo




GTM #291 - Features


GTM #291  - Epic Encounters: Local Legends

Epic Encounters: Local Legends by Steamforged Games

Local Legends are the latest installment in the popular Epic Encounters
adventure series from Steamforged Games.  Get a behind-the-scenes
look at how this exciting line came to be! 

by Steamforged Games



GTM #291 - Starfinder 2e PLaytest


Starfinder by Paizo   

The Starfinder Second Edition Playtest hits full-stride this summer,
but check out how you can participate now and what to expect
at Gen Con 2024!

by Paizo