GTM #260 - Cover Story
by Renegade Game Studios


Cover Story

Cover of GTM #259: Galaxy Trucker    

GTM #260 - The Hunger

Become the most notorious vampire as you hunt humans,
tempt familiars into helping you, and increase your powers
while racing the sunrise in the latest tabletop sensation 
from Richard Garfield!   

by Renegade Game Studios




GTM #260 - Features


GTM #260 - Machi Koro 2

Dinosaur World box image

Under new zoning laws, players receive a limited budget in Machi Koro 2. 
Choose what you build wisely - your landmarks might also benefit
your opponentsin this exciting follow-up to the tabletop classic!

by Pandasaurus Games


GTM #260 - Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix 

Tic-Tac-K.O. Dragons vs. Unicorns box image   

Beware machines and machinations in Dire Wolf Digital’s
Rise of Ix, the first expansion to Dune: Imperium!   

by Dire Wolf Digital