GTM #247 - Cover Story
by Renegade Game Studios


Cover Story


GTM #247 - Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals

Depose your Rival as you navigate a world of mystery, danger, politics, secrets, blood, and undeath with this latest installment in the World of Darkness mythology from Renegade Game Studios!  

by Renegade Game Studios




GTM #247 - Features


GTM #247 - Station Master

All aboard! Maintain, manage, and maneuver your locomotives
and passengers in Station Master from Calliope Games!  

by Calliope Games


GTM #247 Warcaster 


Harness the energies of Arcanessence  and power your Neo-Mechanika technology
as you fight for conquest in Warcaster from Privateer Press! 

by Privateer Press