GTM #276 - Cover Story
by Capstone Games



Cover of GTM #276; Beer & Bread by Capstone Games   

GTM #276 - Beer & Bread

Enjoy a friendly rivalry with your neighboring village as you each compete
to brew and bake the most goods in Beer & Bread!

by Capstone Games





GTM #276 - Features


GTM #276 -The Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac by Maestro Media

Experience all-new challenges on the tabletop as you incorporate
new game variants in The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls!

by Maestro Media


GTM #276 - Shadowgate: The LIving Castle

Shadowgate the Living Castle by Trick or Treat Studios   

Can you piece together the fabled Staff of Ages in time to confront
the Warlock Lord and Behemoth? That is just one of the challenges
in Shadowgate, the Living Castle!   

by Trick or Treat Studios