GTM #277 - Cover Story
by Catalyst Game Labs



Cover of GTM #277; BattleTech Mercenaries by Catalyst Game  Labs   

GTM #277 - BattleTech: Mercenaries

We take a closer look with Catalyst Game Labs as they break down
each of their BattleTech box sets, as well as a sneak peek
at the latest, BattleTech: Mercenaries

by Catalyst Game Labs





GTM #277 - Features


GTM #277 -G.I. Joe DBG - New Alliances

G.I. Joe Deck Builder - New Alliances by Renegade Game Studios

There’s more than meets the eye as Autobots ally with Joes,
and Decepticons team-up with the forces of Cobra,
in the latest expansion to the G.I. Joe Deck-Building Game,
New Alliances

by Renegade Game Studios


GTM #277 - Tesseract

Tesseract by Smirk & Dagger   

Players must avoid a breach by adjusting and containing cubes
from within a mysterious object in Tesseract, a cooperative
dice-manipulation game.  Can you successfully disarm the artifact?  

by Smirk & Dagger