GTM #245 - Cover Story
by Renegade Game Studios


Cover Story


GTM #245 - Viscounts of the West Kingdom

The King’s reign has begun to decline – as a viscount, you must lead your townsfolk to support their endeavors and increase influence.  Prosperity or poverty awaits!

by Renegade Game Studios




GTM #245 - Features


GTM #245 - Marvel HeroClix:
Spider-Man & Venom - Absolute Carnage

Spider-Man and Venom join forces against a greater threat
in the newest Marvel HeroClix set from WizKids, Absolute Carnage!

by WizKids


GTM #245 - Cindr 


Looking for some adventure? Dragons need companionship too,
and Smirk & Dagger has this exciting dating scene covered with CIndr! 

by Smirk & Dagger