GTM #279 - Cover Story
by Ravensburger



Cover of GTM #279; Disney Lorcana by Ravensburger   

GTM #279 - Disney Lorcana

Experience your favorite Disney characters like never before!
Enjoy this sneak-peek at what is sure to be one
of the biggest game releases of 2023!

by Ravensburger





GTM #279 - Features


GTM #279  - Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix

Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

This year marked the official release of Paizo’s Fists of the Ruby Phoenix
adventure path for Pathfinder, and WizKids is ready with
several key miniature sets to accompany your adventures. 

by WizKids




GTM #279 - Crossover Crazy

Transformers/G.I. Joe/Power Rangers crossover by Renegade Game Studios   

My Little Pony, the Transformers, G.I. Joe and Cobra,
and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers all collide
across deck-building and role-playing platforms as
never before.  Team-up or square off with
your favorites today! 

by Renegade Game Studios