GTM #216 - Blood & Plunder: Adventure Scenario - "Raze"
by Meagan Herrin

Throughout its initial year of business, Firelock Games has been hard at work generating new content to complement its first release of 17th century pirates, privateers, soldiers, and native peoples of America in the battle for the lands – and seas – of the New World. Not all development is based on historically-accurate miniatures and gaming accessories, though. Many gamers of the genre, creative and history fans themselves, appreciate new and diverse scenarios in which to exercise their newly-acquired Blood & Plunder treasures. This is a small taste of the content to come in the form of a complete and playable scenario.

Raise or be Razed

In a time where everything is ripe for the taking, one needs only a bit of incentive to claim what could rightfully be theirs. Today, a rowdy band of raiders have done just that! A small island town, a popular stopover for sailors in the warm waters of the Caribbean, has found itself under siege by a swarm of bloodthirsty pirates who have written to the governor of the territory with an indication that they’re just as happy to raze the community to the ground as to accept the hefty denominations of silver they’ve demanded and be on their way. The inhabitants of the town have pleaded for more time to raise the funds and, given the high price on their heads, were permitted three days to gather themselves.

Of course, unwilling to submit themselves to the barbarism of piracy, the town and local governor have not bothered to raise funds at all. They have, in fact, ventured to gather forces from their surrounding towns and villages to fight off the intruders and reclaim their homes from those seafaring barbarians!

It’s only when the people of the seaside town return home with allies in tow that the raiders realize their folly. Incensed by the entirely unexpected betrayal of their trust, the raiders take the offensive route and set to action razing the buildings, while the returning citizens of the town launch into their attack in an attempt to save their territory!

In short: The attacker (the raiding party) seeks to destroy buildings that are vital to the defender (citizens), and the defender must stop this from happening!


Defender selects or places two size 1 objective buildings (Fortitude 2, Integrity 2) along the centerline of the board, at least 6" from any table edge and at least 12" from each other.


For every four units in the attacking force, one may take the Torches Equipment for no additional cost.


Defending player chooses one board edge; the attacker takes the opposite.

Forces deploy as shown in the deployment diagram. The attacker may not move any Artillery on to the board until the start of Turn 3.


Six turns


Defender gains a Strike Point if an objective building is on fire or is destroyed at the end of the turn.

Attacker gains a Strike Point if there are no objective buildings on fire or destroyed by the end of Turn 3 or later.

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