GTM #215 - ARGH (Animals Revolt aGainst Humans!)
by Alex Seliger

Coming in January 2018, ARGH (Animals Revolt aGainst Humans) is a game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, with a playing time of 15-minutes. Players embody a rebellious group of critters competing with one another to assemble the most bad-assed group of revolutionaries in their never-ending struggle for freedom from the tyrannical humans.

The over-sized cards represent a wide variety furious furry hooligans, including spies that’ll sell you out to the human overlords. These cards are shuffled into three decks, each containing a piece needed to manufacture a devastating bomb that will instantly win you the game if you manage to acquire at least two. Each player also receives a quick-reference card which is helpful in keeping track of what cards might remain in any given deck.

On your turn, you can perform one of two actions: pick a card from one of the three decks, or steal a face-down card from another player. If you choose to draw a card, glance at the card and decide whether to either place it in your team, face-down, before you, or offer it face-down to another player. If that player accepts the card, they place it face-up on their team, for better or for worse. If they refuse, you must place the card face-up onto your team.

Alternatively, you may choose to steal a face-down card from another player without first looking at it. Either action ends your turn.

If at any time a player acquires two pieces of the bomb, the game ends immediately and that player is declared the Supreme Commander of the Glorious Revolution, having assembled the Ultimate Weapon that’ll inevitably lead to the liberation of their ken and kin. Otherwise, play continues until one of the three decks is emptied. Finish up the turn and then flip over any face-down cards. If no one managed to acquire two pieces of the bomb, count up the points of each player's team members. The player with the most powerful group wins the game.

Included in this issue of GTM are three exclusive promo cards to add even more variety in your attempts to take out the human despots. Add each promo card to the respectively colored deck, shuffle the decks, and secretly remove one card from each deck like you would routinely do at the beginning of the game.

The Spider

The wise old Spider is a master strategist. Nothing escapes her web of informants, allowing her to accurately consider the possible gains and consequences of every decision she makes. If you have the Spider in your team, you’ll earn 1 point for each star card (including bombs) that you have in front of you at the end of the game.

The Twin Brother

Whereas his sister would rather “lovingly squeeze” your revolutionary comrades into submission, the Twin Brother is more prone to subjecting them to his dastardly experiments. Having the Twin Brother on your team at the end of the game will score you -1 point. If you also manage to have his sister, score -3 points!

The Reporter Owl

The Reporter Owl is constantly on the look-out for interesting bits of information that he can pass on to his comrades-in-arms. Even the most innocuous detail can prove crucial to The Struggle. When you reveal the Reporter Owl, you may look at one of the cards that were secretly discarded from each deck at the beginning of the game.

ARGH is an easy-to-learn game of bluffing and deduction, and you can fight the entire revolution in under 15-minutes. The cards’ illustrations are a pleasure to behold and the fact that they’re oversized makes it easy to appreciate each and every one.

Download the complete rulebook at: http://dudegames.us/argh

When he isn't trying out new board games, Alex Seliger spends most of his day looking confused and typing commands into a terminal window. Teen Titans Go!, Creemore Ale, and goofing around with his family all rank highly on his "bestest things ever" list and he absolutely does NOT have a Pinterest account.