GTM #215 - Infinity: Holy Order of the Hospitaller - "Knights of Saint John of Skovorodino"
by Juan

The Hospitallers are the most powerful and influential Sacred Military Order of PanOceania, with their base in the incredible Fortress-Monastery of Skovorodino on the inhospitable planet of Svalarheima. These warrior monks, authorized by his Holiness the Pope, are one of the pillars of the PanOceanian   military forces. Specialized in high risk rescue missions, it’s their duty to always be prepared when needed, which will always be in the darkest hour.

The new Hospitaller Knights box comes like a heavenly blessing with four incredible knights, which give the PanOceanian Military Orders Sectorial an even more awesome factor due to their looks, charisma, and hardiness on the table.  Complete with all the profiles and weaponry options for the Hospitaller Knights, this boxed set features the HMG Hospitaller, adding devastating firepower, a Doctor Hospitaller, a tough specialist, a MULTI rifle Hospitaller, adding versatility to the list thanks to the multiple ammo options of the weapon, and a Boarding Shotgun Hospitaller, ideal for when things get close and personal.

Some months ago Joan of Arc was released, the great PanOceanian Hero, which is the perfect option to command a Fireteam: Core of Hospitaller Knights. Another great addition to complete the force of Hospitallers is the Crusader Brethren with MULTI Rifle+Light Flamethrower. With Airborne Deployment, reaching any part of the table will pose no problem, also meaning an unpleasant surprise for your opponent.

A Military Orders list isn’t complete without Order Sergeants, who supply orders to the pool, with access to specialists, which are perfect troops to cover the Deployment Zone’s flanks thanks to their Auxbots with Heavy Flamethrowers. They’ll make the enemy think twice before treading on their lines. And, to complete the coolness factor and add a cherry on top, field a Seraph, a TAG that gives a bit of toughness to the list. With a Spitfire and an Auxbot, it’ll serve as a Death Seraphim.

No doubt, the Military Orders is a Sectorial that doesn’t disappoint, with great charisma and a stunning miniatures range. If you have the courage and bravery needed, join in the Military Orders.