GTM #215 - Rail Raiders Infinite: The Good, The Bad, and The Bot
by Lawrence Jones

The Good, The Bad, and The Bot is a lowdown, no good, spaghetti-flinging expansion for Rail Raiders Infinite, an immensely fun and easy to learn board game with chibi-style miniatures. The Good, The Bad, and The Bot introduces two new Raiders, John Grizzly and Pancho Perfecto, to plunder The Interstellar Express of its precious loot. But, their banditry won’t go unopposed. The C.O.W. (Congress of Worlds) Cavalry has arrived with brand-new Lawbots eager to enforce justice — Cavalry Captains and Cavalry Soldiers. The Good, The Bad, and The Bot also includes the shiny Legendary Lawbot, Lt. Deadeye, and along with its model cargo, you’ll find new cards for your High Noon, Loot, and Long Arm of the Law decks, four new train cars, and an additional five dice, allowing you to increase the number of players for your games of Rail Raiders Infinite!

Pancho Perfecto is an outlaw renowned as much for his fighting prowess as he is for just plain meanness.  Born and bred on the rough streets of New Valencia, a backwater space port known for seedy characters and shady dealings, the young Pancho never had it easy. At the tender age of 14, Pancho started his own gang, the Sombrero boys, who began robbing some of the best-protected ships from the most dangerous gangs in the sector. After years of successful looting and plundering, Pancho and his gang were wanted in over 15 systems for over 200 counts of stellar banditry, robotic dismembering, zapping of a peace officer, crass language, and general no-good behavior. Having escaped custody from Lawbot officials on two separate occasions, the last one during the middle of a trial, Pancho Perfecto has taken to working alone, targeting lucrative train routes and always looking for the big score. With his trusty Ionic revolver and carbon tritanium machete, Maria, this desperado of the stars won’t rest until he makes his fortune or is put down for good.

A man of few words and even fewer wasted actions, John Grizzly is one of the few outlaws in the galaxy who can claim that his heists on C.O.W. shipments are just a way of evening the score. A distinguished veteran of the Uridian border wars and the second hyperspace engagements, Grizzly served the galactic Congress and all systems under their jurisdiction with honor and courage. He also earned several medals, both for bravery and injury during service, the latter after losing an eye to a stray blaster bolt in a skirmish with the Flaxian lunar cavalry. After his war tours, John wandered the space frontier, checking up on old platoon mates and former enemies alike, and found most soldiers had fallen on hard times. Overcome with a fierce need to help those who had given so much in the causes of various star systems, John began taking part in dangerous space rail heists for big loot, sending the majority of his earnings to his sister Laura, who runs a veteran’s home at the colony of Bethany VII. With courage and dedication forged by years of battle, John once again takes up arms for a cause in which he believes.

As one of the few remaining first generation Lawbots currently still serving C.O.W. security forces, Lt. Deadeye is nothing less than a living legend. With an impeccable service record as well as a sterling reputation for taking down bandits (alive the majority of the time), Deadeye is as feared by criminals as he is respected by law-abiding citizens. Beginning his life as a standard Tinstar, Deadeye consistently performed his duty to protect shipments across the space rails with honor and distinction, sometimes being the only Lawbot left standing. After decades of service and years of periodic software upgrades, Deadeye developed a distinct personality. Calm under pressure with a surprisingly sharp wit, Deadeye’s heroic exploits impressed C.O.W. officials enough to promote him to the rank of Lieutenant and grant him an experimental software upgrade, the Bullseye protocol. This software upgrade enhanced his sharp-shooting precision exponentially. Deeply devoted to maintaining order and security on his route, Lt. Deadeye demands nothing less than tireless vigilance from himself and his subordinates, inspiring even the newest Tinstar Deputies to perform above specifications.

In Rail Raiders Infinite, players assume the role of one of six unique raiders. Jumping from car to car in search of precious loot, players encounter Lawbots bent on stopping them in their tracks. Using unique abilities and sharp-shooting quick rolls with the game’s custom poker dice, players work collaboratively or competitively to destroy the bots. Following poker-inspired rules for combat dice rolls, the player who scores the highest hand wins the roll and brings in the dough. As players profit double-dollars, it becomes an all-out showdown to snag the most booty before the train makes it to the station.

Lawrence Jones is the Marketing Manager for Ninja Division Publishing, LLC. An avid fan of martial arts and gaming, he is right at home with the Ninjas.