GTM #217 - Way of the Fighter: Combos
by Ninja Division

Way of the Fighter™ is a hard-hitting, high-jumping, leg-sweeping, fireball-dodging fighting-style card and dice game for 2 players. Featuring 10 unique fighters—each with diverse backgrounds and powerful skills and abilities—players go head to head, employing strategic actions to weaken one another. Rolling dice to determine attack speed and using cards to enact abilities and actions, players attempt to knock out one another to become the victor in this boardgame street battle!

Way of the Fighter™ is a card and board game that allows players to create their fighter’s own custom deck using technique packs from their matching combat styles. Numerous deck building strategies are available based on the shared combat styles between various fighters. This allows you to test out new fighters and techniques while simultaneously expanding your possible deck builds for your favorite fighter. Flexible and fun, Way of the Fighter’s fast fighting gameplay mechanics and dynamic deck construction ensure it is great for novice and experienced players! 

Over a period of twelve intense turns, each player controls a fighter’s movement, manage the fighter’s energy, and decide on what actions the fighter performs against the opposing challenger. The game continues until one fighter is knocked out, or the time runs out; at which point one fighter will be declared the Champion!

Part of the training for Way of the Fighter is to discover the tactics and strategies that will help your fighter emerge victorious. One of the strongest tactics in the game is to perform “combo” actions that allow you to devastate your opponent. Learning and executing your fighter’s combos takes practice and skill. 

To execute a combo, your current action needs to hit the opposing fighter. (You can’t combo if you miss your very first strike!) You can then attempt to combo. Combos can extend as long as you can continue to execute successive actions, but they become more difficult depending on the both the actions played in the combo, and how big of a combo you are attempting to perform.

Below we examine a basic combo action with a Light Punch that combos into a Heavy Kick. Then, we look at an extremely powerful combo that can be executed by Ren, from the Super core box set.


You choose Light Punch as your first strike. The Light Punch has a priority of 7. Using dice from your pool, you roll a 4 which is added to the Light Punch’s priority to give the attack a final Priority Score of 11. This exceeds your opponent’s action Priority Score, causing your Light Punch to hit your opponent and inflicts 1 damage! After resolving the Light Punch, you decide to follow up the Light Punch and play a Heavy Kick. This begins a combo.

Now you need to decide how many dice to you wish to use to execute the Heavy Kick. Light Punch’s Priority Score is 11, so Heavy Kick’s Priority Score will need to be 11 or higher. Heavy Kick’s initial Priority Value is only 4, meaning you will need to roll 7 or higher for Heavy Kick to fully resolve. Rolling three dice from your pool, you get lucky and roll 8, and add it to Heavy Kick’s Priority Value of 4 for a final Priority Score of 12. Heavy Kick hits the opponent! It deals 2 damage.

Ren is a balanced fighter from Way of the Fighter: Super. Ren has some very powerful combos at his disposal. An example of Ren’s combo power is the Dragon Rush + Plexus Strike + Forceful Blow. This is a quintessential Ren combo and true power display for a very effective cost, thanks to the Chain keywords on both Dragon Rush and Plexus Strike which allow him to recycle dice for his combo actions.

Start the combo with at least two dice and rush your opponent with Dragon Rush. Return two of the dice on it to the pool to bring the priority of Dragon Rush back down to 6, and then play Plexus Strike. Then, use one dice with Plexus Strike to match the priority of Dragon Rush. Dragon Rush increases Plexus Strike's damage to 3. Once the Plexus Strike hits, its Chain keyword resolves, allowing you to get all three dice back (based on the damage inflicted) and bringing its priority back down to 5. Now you only need to roll a single die with Forceful Blow to succeed and deal an additional 2 damage. Forceful Blow then allows you to push your opponent back two spaces and advances Ren two spaces, keeping his opponent cornered. Additionally, thanks to Plexus Strike, Forceful Blow knocks your opponent down. Brutal!

The core games for Way of the Fighter: Super and Turbo, are fully cross-compatible and each feature five unique fighters to choose from. Way of the Fighter is available now, with future fighter expansions on the way to add to your collection and expand your deck building options. Way of the Fighter bring arcade-style fighting action to your tabletop as never before!