GTM #217 - Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game Starter Kit
by Greater Than Games

In the Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game, you and your friends play as comic-book heroes - either from the pages of Sentinel Comics or from your own imagination! Join forces against terrible villains and fight in dangerous environments, all in a tabletop roleplaying game!

If you’ve played the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game or app, or the Sentinels Tactics tactical skirmish game, you’ll be familiar with the heroes, villains, and environments you encounter in Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game. If you haven’t, are you ever in for a treat!

The Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game differs from the other Sentinel Comics games in two fundamental ways. While the hero sheet—analogous to your deck in Sentinels of the Multiverse—gives you a long list of specific powers, abilities, and amazing things your character can do, you decide what decisions they make, what things they say, what thoughts they have; the only limit is your imagination. Second, the open-ended nature of this type of game requires a special player—the game moderator, or GM—to make those same decisions for all the other characters, to frame the scenes, to apply the rules, and numerous other tasks. 

In order to play Sentinel Comics RPG you need the following items:

  • Three to seven people, including the GM
  • Some index cards or slips of paper and some pens
  • A handful (at least three of each) of polyhedral dice of sizes four-sided dice, six-sided, eight-sided dice, ten-sided dice, and twelve-sided dice. It’s helpful if each player has their own set, and the GM needs a few more than that, especially six-sided and eight-sided.
  • A couple of hours 

So, what do you do in a game of Sentinel Comics RPG? You take on the role of one of the heroes from the pages of Sentinel Comics: Legacy or Tachyon or Bunker or Unity or any of the other heroes, or even one of your own invention. This is your character, called a player character because it’s a character controlled by a player, as opposed to characters controlled by the game moderator (GM). You speak, make decisions, and take actions for your character.

When we talk about “what you do,” there are two levels to talk about: what you do as a hero, and what you do as a player. But we should probably first mention what you do as a game moderator, since that particular player has extra responsibilities. 

As a Game Moderator
You present the world to the players. You set the stage for intense action scenes, you describe the environment, and you play the roles of all the characters the players interact with, be they supervillains or innocent bystanders. Several tools are at your disposal to help players create their own stories, including the game’s rules and published adventures. It’s a big job, we know, but we’ve got you covered.

As a Hero
Do what heroes do! Defend the weak and the innocent. Throw a wrench in the works when the villains set their plans in motion. Jump in and lend a hand when your teammates are in trouble. Stand up for your principles. Punch evil right in the face.

Save the day.

No pressure.

As a Player
You make decisions for your character. You decide what she does and says and thinks and feels. You choose what powers and qualities they employ at any given moment. You describe the comic book panel where your character performs an amazing feat. You gather up dice and roll them out when interesting uncertainty arises, then apply the results to see what happens next. 

The Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game Starter Kit comes with everything you need to play your first entire super-heroic campaign! This starter kit comes with a ton of information and gameplay content across thirteen booklets. 

Keep an eye out for news about the upcoming core rulebook!