GTM #219 - Heart and Soul: Advice for the Devotion Dragonfire Player
by Catalyst Game Labs


Advice for the Devotion Dragonfire Player

By otherworldly grace, granted through your faith, you keep the team whole and healthy. Healing a deep wound. Curing a corruption. And smiting the non-believers and monstrosities that would oppose the very nature of your devotion. It’s your nature, as well as your passion.

Especially the smiting.

Racial Variation

Every race has slightly different relationships with their god or gods, but as a whole, the Devotion Classes in Dragonfire—especially the Clerics—contain the most well-rounded characters. Average health. Maybe a little light in the coin purse but always a solid set of starting skills. Druids can be an obvious exception. They tend to be a little tougher, if a bit poorer, and the Forest Gnome Druid often wants to spend pocket lint, but still a player will rarely see the same level of weaknesses found in the other Character Classes.


General Play

Ask the other players what your primary job is, and the number one answer will always be healing. And they’ll have a point. Only Devotion Class Characters can efficiently use the healing spells which are necessary to keep a party on its feet. But don’t get too caught up in this, and don’t worry overmuch about who’s taken the most damage. Fighters always win that race, and it serves them right for rushing in where angels might fear to tread. Instead, look at the vulnerability of each party member. A Wizard at full health facing a dragon is likely in a worse place than the Barbarian with a Tower Shield surrounded by a pack of goblins. Also, don’t forget the free healing that takes place between Scenes. Just because the Rogue has a boo-boo doesn’t mean you need to forgo your Spiritual Weapon and rush to his side with a Cure Wounds. A little blood loss never killed anyone. Well…not right away.

Remember: In a well-fought Adventure, the players will end the day at almost the same hit points no matter where they started.

When healing isn’t a critical necessity, look for your opportunities to shape the Adventure. Here is where the Devotion Classes get a chance to shine. Don’t overdo it with Bless spells—those may be the best off-color purchase the other Character Classes can make. Meanwhile, Spiritual Weapon remains one the most powerful assists in the game, so long as it’s in your hands, and Augury gives you the ability to affect the Dragonfire Deck itself! Adventures will be won and lost on this last ability alone. What good is a fully healthy party when the Dragonfire Deck removes your ability to play cards, or dispels all of your magic?

Because Clerics and Druids are given such leeway in their play styles, they must be quick thinkers as well as planners. Some Adventures require a great deal of accessible healing, while others demand the Devotion Character wade in at the Fighter’s side in the line of battle. Many Adventures, on the turn of a single Dragonfire card, can shift that strategy from one priority to the other.

True, it can be annoying when you are one turn away from finally purchasing Spirit Guardians, but don’t waste time bemoaning the fickleness of fate—that’s the Wizard’s forte. Roll up your sleeves, ready your spells, and get back to work!