GTM #219 - Galaxy Mats: Coming Soon from CGC
by Creative Goods Company

Galaxy Mats: Coming Soon from CGC


“Our solar system is actually a wild frontier, teeming with different, diverse places: planets and moons, millions of objects of ice and rock.”
-Carrie Nugent


“The purpose of going to Mars is for humans to first begin to occupy, permanently, another planet in the solar system. The astronauts or pilgrims, whatever you might call them, are going to be very historically unique human beings.”
-Buzz Aldrin


The Planets

They were the first alien worlds discovered by mankind. Those visible with the naked eye sparked the imaginations of ancient men and women, giving birth to myth and legend. Later men and women, sparked by new discoveries and ancient tales, built on these to compose brilliant symphonies and the most erudite poems. All from barely glimpsed sparks of light, inspiring mankind to spend billions of hours staring up in wonder.

Modern astronomy began with geniuses, such as Galileo Galilei, and a new technological achievement: the newly-invented telescope. Now the surface of Mars could be seen, sparking imaginary canals and visions of alien life. Alien life that at least one visionary, H.G. Wells, imagined was using its own telescope to watch us. And even more exciting were all new worlds never before seen with the naked eye. Jupiter, we learned, had at least four moons. As the quality of telescopes continued to blossom we found new worlds and new moons orbiting those worlds. Each new advance pushed the boundary of our local space further.

Now, Creative Goods Companies invites you to bring the journey of lifetimes home with Galaxy Mats. Each features a stunningly beautiful, high-resolution image of our local solar system taken from deep space. Explore the far-flung expanse of a dizzying array of alien worlds and environments. From brilliant Sol, giver of life and warmth. Brooding Mars, daring a new generation of adventurers to settle there and master its alien wonder. Mighty Jupiter, master of moons, a miniature solar system all its own, full of wonder and secrets as yet unknown. Saturn, whose rings we glimpsed for centuries and which are somehow even more astounding up close than we ever imagined. And finally lonely Pluto, for decades thought the outer edge, now believed to be the harbinger of an entirely new frontier at the far-flung reaches of our local space.

CGC’s Galaxy Mats are designed for three uses: work, play and craft.

For work, they can serve as a mouse pad or desk cover, or as a beautiful decoration for a cubicle or home office. If the Sun and Mars in your workstation don’t brighten up your day, it might be time to take a walk. For play, they make a perfect surface for deploying miniatures and rolling dice or even just to mark out your area of the table. By all means enjoy telling your friends, “Jupiter is mine, back off”. For craft, they make an excellent surface to keep your furniture safe from minor paint spills and other hazards that can make your creative pursuits less enjoyable. Don’t worry about a little paint on Mars, it won’t mind. 

There will be two versions of each of the 10 playmats, one 14x24 for smaller tabletops and the second 36x36 for those times when you need a truly epic amount of space to work, play, or craft. Images are high-resolution satellite images, taken from space, printed on high quality 1/16” neoprene. The smaller mats will retail for $17.00 while the larger mats will retail for $55.00.

So join us on a voyage of discovery, as we bring the planets to you in all their glory. The Galaxy Mats series will feature 4 mats a month for 5 months, brought to you in stunning texture and detail. The first set will be the core eight planets plus Sol and Pluto. Later we will present the moons of the solar system (Luna, Europa, Titan, Callisto and so forth), along with comets and asteroids. Blasting off soon from CGC and landing on a table near you.