GTM #219 - Infinity Non-Aligned Armies: Small, But Relevant
By Gutier Lusquinos, Corvus Belli


One of the (many) new changes the Infinity Uprising book brings is the release of the so-called Non-Aligned Armies (or NA2 for short), a new faction for Infinity. This conglomerate of small armies was revealed to the Infinity community in December, with the Druze Bayram Security Sectorial Army as an example. However, it is now time to delve a little deeper into this faction and see what Sectorial Armies comprise it.

The Non-Aligned Armies are made up of the military forces of minor powers, mercenary companies, and even criminal groups, all of them small compared to the major powers of the Sphere, but relevant enough to jeopardize the delicate balance of the Human Sphere locally or even on the international scene.

These minor powers include the Great Independent Japan—now separate from the Yu Jing StateEmpire—and its military force the Japanese Secessionist Army, or JSA. Lacking the support of a great power, the proudly independent Japanese now seek the strength of cooperation with any able to provide them the influence and resources they need. However, they know that Yu Jing is not going to forgive their defection, and the StateEmpire will take advantage of any situation to punish them, so the JSA was never so necessary for Japan. For this reason, the JSA maintains its nature of being primarily an assault force, because the Bushido doctrine requires no less.

Mercenary companies include the Free Company of the Star, or StarCo for short, which is well-known for the professionalism of its members. Only a few in the mercenary market can compete against this company in terms of effectiveness and precision. However, the feature for which it is really appreciated is the value of their word, because even if things go off the rails, StarCo always keeps it.

The Ikari Company is the most despicable mercenary company in the entire Human Sphere. The reputation of this mainly Japanese group of mercenaries is based on a record of contemptible actions committed in the name of money. But not only Japanese make up this company, as you will find the worst scum of the Human Sphere amongst its ranks.

The Druze Society is an international mafia association that extends throughout the Human Sphere. Its security service, comprised of hard-core Shock Teams paired with a dreadful reputation, is so effective that very few dare to engage it. The Druze offer one section of their security service to operate as a small mercenary company. Bayram Security’s fee is not cheap, but their deadly results leave no room for negotiation.

It is clear that the NA2 would not be able to successfully face the great powers’ armies, but they could indeed resist and even harm them in limited or asymmetric confrontations. And that means this new faction is a real risk factor that all Infinity powers must take into account.