GTM #223 - Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars - Battleworld
by WizKids



The 2015 Marvel comic series Secret Wars came with an unprecedented collision of all of the Marvel universes into the patchwork Battleworld planet. Heroes and Villains from different universes confront one another to determine the strongest in each domain. There are dozens of different domains discovered in the creation of Battleworld, like The Valley with western versions of classic Avengers characters, Spider-Island featuring Spider-Man along with classic characters transformed into spiders and other creatures by baroness Spider-Queen, and the domain protected by the Thor Corps, a group of characters deemed “worthy” to lift Thor’s hammer. These new and iconic characters, settings, and stories come to the tabletop in this brand-new HeroClix set. 

While discovering the new Battleworld and domains, check out these 3 exclusive previews for the upcoming set. 

To kick it off, we have Thanos Duplicate! In Secret Wars: Battleworld, Thanos still looks to complete the Infinity Gauntlet, but this time he can travel through time to assemble the 6 Infinity Gems. However, Thanos needs to defeat different versions of himself from alternate timelines who are also looking to finish their Infinity Gauntlets! With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Thanos Duplicate.


You can put a Thanos Duplicate on your force for 50 or 25 points. If he is 25 points, he starts after the Orange KO clicks, but has the same first 2 clicks as his 50-point dial. He also has a special damage power that allows him to use Probability Control, but only to reroll adjacent opposing characters’ attack rolls. For the rest of Thanos’ dial, he has strong attack and damage values capable of going toe to toe with almost anyone.

Next up, we have Captain America, now featuring the popular “Shifting Focus” trait that allows him to swap with other versions with the same “Shifting Focus: Man Out of Time” trait. The uncommon version shows Cap with his clear Light Shield. While not made of Vibranium like his usual shield, this one is just as strong. His trait “Expandable Hard Light Shield” gives Cap Energy Shield/Deflection and he may be given a FREE action to either give adjacent friendly characters +1 defense when attacked with a range attack, or he can choose one of the four sides of the square he occupies. Until the next turn, lines of fire are blocked if they pass through the chosen portion of the square. The rest of Cap’s dial has lots of defensive powers, like Toughness, 18 Defense, and Shape Change, as well as some offensive oriented power, like Charge and Quake. He also has access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team Ability to give friendly characters extra range or damage. Be on the lookout for the other versions of Captain America that have his “Shifting Focus: Man Out of Time” trait in this set.

Finally, we have Captain Marvel, but this Major Danvers has been turned into an arachnid by the Spider-Queen on the Spider-Island domain. Like many of the characters turned into Spider-Island forms, Captain Marvel has the “Homo Arachnus” trait which gives her access to Plasticity and Poison, both complimenting her very close combat-oriented dial. Captain Marvel starts off with Charge, Super Strength, and Impervious which allow her to get in close and dish out damage. When she moves to the middle of her dial, Captain Marvel gets access to a special defense power that gives her Energy Shield/Deflection and Super Senses. Also, when she is hit by or evades a range attack, she gets to heal 2 clicks. This makes the middle of her dial very durable, and it may be difficult for opponents to finish her off while she continues to deal damage with Poison and use her Hypersonic Speed to make it more likely that she can only be targeted with a range combat attack.

There will be something for everyone in this booster set with so many different Battleworld domains to choose from. Plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed teams, and more never-before-Clixed characters that fans have been clamoring for, like Erik Killmonger, Regent, and Viv Vision! This is certainly one of the most interesting groups of characters that has ever been assembled in a HeroClix set, so be on the lookout for pre-release events being held at your friendly local game stores in October!