GTM #229 - Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Board Game
by WizKids

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Board Game is the newest offering in the Adventure System Game (ASG) series by Wizkids! Following a group of adventurers being called to the city of splendors, Waterdeep, players will explore a dungeon known as Undermountain, the ancient domain of the Mad Mage Halaster Blackcloak. The entrance to this ancient dungeon lies in the center of an inn called Yawning Portal, and it is here that this epic adventure begins. 

Our most recent release in the ASG line, Tomb of Annihilation, added a Spell deck, a Trap deck, and a new class of tiles called Jungle tiles. It also introduced a new hero class, the bard. In Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, the Spell and Trap decks have been maintained, but new types of cards, as well as other components, have been added to enhance this exhilarating experience.

One major addition that this release adds to this series is the ability to level up higher than ever before! In all previous ASG games, players were capped at 2nd level, but in Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, players will be able to reach 4th level for the first time. As a result, each hero has a choice of three new Expert powers, which provide very strong abilities and effects. These enhanced abilities will be necessary as players face off against the new monsters and villains featured in this exciting adventure, including a Death Tyrant, Zombie Beholders, Bheur Hags, Scaladars, Shadows, Grung, Thugs, Veterans, Flying Swords, a Gray Ooze & the apprentices of the Mad Mage, as well as Halaster himself!

A new type of damage also makes its debut in Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage called “Weakened.” This damage acts like a condition and can only be removed by effects that remove conditions, or Healing Surges. This new effect can turn the tide of battle: many of the monsters’ attacks will be able to take advantage of this type of damage and potentially critically weaken our heroes.

Speaking of the heroes, our roster includes five storied adventures to choose from: the fledgling human storm sorcerer Marcon and his stalwart guardian, the tiefling battlemaster, Atka. The devoted half-elf grave domain cleric Cormac and the always perceptive gnome inquisitive rogue Trosper will provide healing and support for our party. Finally, we have Nayeli Goldflower, the human paladin of the Oath of Vengeance, ready to smite any fiend that dares cross her path. Each of these heroes has their own unique ability which will be necessary to brave the depths of this storied dungeon— and only together do they hope to stand a chance of success.

Another addition to this release is an Elder Runes deck. These cards are double sided, reflecting Boon and Bane effects. Some cards will let you know which of its sides to activate, while some effects require you to roll a die in order to activate a side randomly.

Furthermore, players will be able to explore more of Undermountain thanks to a new set of cavern tiles, representing its deeper levels. The adventure begins in a dungeon setting, but as you venture deeper into the mountain it becomes cavernous and mazelike. Some of the tiles have special effects—They can allow the drawing of an Elder Rune card, slow your movement, or temporarily add extra armor class due to natural cover.

Of course, the oft-acclaimed campaign adventures featured in all of our ASGs make their return here: Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage includes 13 all-new adventures that you can play in order or individually as you see fit, ending with an explosive finale—the encounter with the Mad Mage himself, Halaster Blackcloak!

Finally, as with our other exciting Adventure System Games, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage is fully compatible with the previous entries in the series. Players can add in tiles from Temple of Elemental Evil or include more devious traps from Tomb of Annihilation. We know fans of the system love to mix and match in order to create their own custom versions of the game, and now there are even more options to create your ultimate dungeon crawl!

Both the Premium and Standard Editions of the game will be available this April. The Premium Edition includes pre-painted versions of all of the minis included in the game and is a fast and easy way to deliver a premium dungeon crawling experience to your tabletop! Will you be brave enough to guide them to their goal & uncover all the secrets this ancient labyrinth has to offer*?

*Please note we are not responsible for any total party kills you may suffer at the hands of Halaster or his apprentices. Remember to adventure responsibly! Always come prepared & never leave the inn without a 10ft pole.