GTM #230 - Marvel HeroClix: X-Men ReGenesis
by WizKids

Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis 

A schism has formed between the X-Men. Wolverine and Cyclops now each lead their own divisions of the X-Men as the “Jean Grey School of Higher Learning” and “Utopia” respectively. Wolverine and Cyclops will need to overcome challenges with their new teams, and the ramifications are felt in the entire mutant community. Starting in summer 2019, players will be able to collect 20 exciting figures with amazing sculpts in a brand-new countertop display unit, exclusive to this 3-month Storyline Organized Play event.

Each month players will use 3 foil packs to build a team and play against other players for monthly prizes, and grand prize figures for the third month for players who collected the most points across all three months. At the beginning of the event series, players will select a team to side with, and that will be their team for the duration of the 3-month event—their chosen team will determine which prizes they are able to earn each month. Characters have a special colored base corresponding to the team they represent for easy reference, yellow for Wolverine and blue for Cyclops. Players will also be able to use figures from previous monthly events and can trade 1 figure with another player before building their team to try to make a “Jean Grey School of Higher Learning” or “Utopia” keyword themed team.

In this event, each character has two different character cards (both printed on 1 folded card) that can be accessed by building around a “Jean Grey School of Higher Learning” or “Utopia” themed team. If a player has one of those themed teams, at the beginning of the game, they can replace the current card with the “.1” version of each of their character’s cards. The “.1” cards can give characters new powers and abilities or combinations of abilities that the regular version of their card has. It serves as a bonus for players who are able to make a themed team based on the special keywords in this event. Additionally, all characters in the foil packs come with 2 different point values for flexible team construction.

Here are two special previews to show what these alternate cards will look like and what type of effects players can expect from them!

First up is Wolverine!

Wolverine clocks in at 120 or 70 points. His first trait, called “I Stand With Wolverine,” explains how players can use the “.1” version of the card that is found on the inside of the folded character card, but let’s take a look at the other traits and powers first. Wolverine’s “Healing Factor” trait gives him Toughness, and when he clears 1 or more action tokens, he can heal 1 click. His special defense power, “Weapon X Reject,” serves as his STOP click and gives him access to Combat Reflexes as well as Super Senses. The rest of his dial has standard powers which are staples for a Wolverine figure like Charge, Flurry, Precision Strike, and Blades/Claws/Fangs, in addition to Indomitable for Willpower and the X-Men team ability.

Taking a look at the 001.1 character card for Wolverine, you will notice a color stripe to match his faction, as well as the fact that he has the same dial, standard powers, and the “Weapon X Reject” special power. However, his “Healing Factor” trait gives him access to Toughness like it did before, but the other part of the effect is changed to a FREE action that heals 1 click instead of only when he clears action tokens. This seems like a small change, but now Wolverine can heal every turn, making him even more difficult to take down. And of course, he has the “Jean Grey School of Higher Learning”, “X-Men”, and a few other keywords for named themed team building.

Next up we have Cyclops!

Like Wolverine, Cyclops comes in at 120 or 70 points. Cyclops has two traits: “Cyclops Was Right,” which can change his card to the “.1,” and “Mutants United in Utopia,” which allows him to heal 1 click as a FREE action if another friendly character hit an opposing character that turn. He also has a special defense power that is a STOP click, and gives him Energy Shield/Deflection and Super Senses. Like Wolverine, Cyclops is very durable, and capable of leading other Utopia and X-Men figures on a team while dishing out a lot of damage on his own. Cyclops’ dial is rounded off with lots of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Ranged Combat Expert, in addition to Indomitable, Improved Targeting to ignore characters, and the X-Men team ability.

Shifting over to his 002.1 character card, he has the same dial, standard powers, and his defense special power, but the “Mutants United in Utopia” trait has a bit of an upgrade. This time, instead of healing 1 click when another friendly character hits an opposing character, Cyclops heals two clicks. Combined with his STOP click(s), the extra healing Cyclops receives from this trait upgrade can make an enormous difference during a game. Cyclops also has the “Utopia” and “X-Men” keywords for themed teams.

Be on the lookout for more previews of this upcoming storyline event and decide which team you stand with! There are plenty of fan-favorite X-Men characters representing each team, including Danger, Hope Summers, and Storm on Cyclops’ team, and Beast, Gambit, and Iceman on Wolverine’s team. Check out these storyline events to find your favorite characters and begin the Regensis of the X-Men! Make sure your friendly local game stores get in on this awesome event series!