GTM #231 - Ravnica: Inquisition
by WizKids




Nicol Bolas's schemes have been unveiled, and the ten guilds of Ravnica have convened to plan a way to thwart them. A Magic: The Gathering themed social-deduction game for 5–10 players, Ravnica: Inquisition is set on the fan favorite plane of Ravnica during the War of the Spark. Players are representatives of these guilds, and their decisions will change the fate of the plane forever. Of course, Nicol Bolas would not allow such a meeting to occur without sending in his own agents, so it will be up to the players to discover the traitors in their midst and elect a Council of Colors who can root them out. Players will have to use subterfuge and smarts to outwit their opponents, gather allies to their side, and ultimately determine the future of Ravnica!

Ravnica: Inquisition begins by assigning each player to one of the guilds of Ravnica, and the guild's card is placed face up in front of them so all players know which color pair they represent. We recommend you start with the guilds featured in Ravnica Allegiance, and then add more guilds from there, making sure all colors are represented equally. All players are then dealt a role card face down, which determines if they are loyal members of the Gatewatch or an Agent of Bolas, sabotaging the council to further Nicol Bolas's scheme to conquer Ravnica and help him ascend to godhood. The Color Leader deck, which determines the order in which the Council of Colors will be elected, and the Targeting deck, which determines eligible targets for the Color Leader's special abilities, are set aside.

Gameplay is split into multiple short rounds, which makes Ravnica: Inquisition a quick, snappy deduction game that doesn't get mired in long discussion. For the initial five rounds, a Color Leader card is flipped face up from the deck, and the players have two minutes to discuss who they think should be elected the leader of that color. There is a twist however; only a player whose guild color identity matches the Color Leader card is eligible to be voted for. For example, in a five-player game everyone would have to choose between the Azorius player and the Simic player to be the blue Leader, but when playing a full ten-player game the Izzet player and Dimir player would also be campaigning for your vote. Once a player is elected a Color Leader, they will get to use their special power to root out Agents of Bolas, or to sow further confusion in the ranks. Each Color Leader has a unique power that matches the philosophy of that color. One example is the white leader, whose power allows them to reveal their Role Card to a player they select, showing the selflessness of white. On the other hand, the red leader will gain an Ablaze card, which they will get to use in the final round to eliminate a player—deciding you know who needs to be eliminated better than the council and torching them to a crisp is definitely in red's wheelhouse.

Once all the Color Leaders have been elected and have used their special power, you enter the final round. Players set a 5-minute timer and discuss who they wish to vote out. Once the timer has run out, the Color Leaders vote for one player to eliminate. After this is done, all players reveal their Role Cards and if at least two Agents of Bolas have been eliminated, the Gatewatch wins! However, if one or none of the Agents of Bolas have been eliminated, then Nicol Bolas's schemes come to fruition and Ravnica—and likely the Multiverse—is lost. Until, of course, you reshuffle the decks and play again, and this time you certainly won't trust the Golgari player . . .

Ravnica: Inquisition is releasing in June this year and will be available at your friendly local game store! The MSRP for a copy is $14.99 and it also includes a Dimir-themed notepad and pencil for taking notes during the game. Whether you are taking a break during Friday Night Magic or just looking for a new social-deduction experience, Ravnica: Inquisition offers fun and unique gameplay straight from the streets of Ravnica!