GTM #236 - Wardlings Series 4
by WizKids



 A new wave of Wardlings figures will be hitting shelves this month! The creation of the Wardlings world and its associated miniatures was guided by kids who envisioned a land where the children have the magical abilities and the power to save the world from evil. Wardlings are children who are able to tap into magical powers in order to defend the world from evil. As they grow older, these powers fade and their abilities are gone completely by the time they’re adults. The magic of childhood and the fight of good versus evil are recurring themes throughout the line, as well as the upcoming RPG, which is currently in development. 

The fourth wave of figures, which will be in stores this October, focuses on the Orcs that populate the land and serve as major foes for the Wardlings. They are thematically tied to their environment and bring a slew of new challenges for players to encounter. Armed with elemental abilities and weapons, and accompanied by their animal servants, these are sure to be a hit for fans. There are 5 different types of Orcs presented in this wave. They are:

  • The Ice Orc, with a frozen axe and snowball launcher, and her ferocious ice worm
  • The Fire Orc, with a blazing sword and shield, and his fire centipede
  • The Wind Orc, descending from the clouds with bow drawn, accompanied by her hungry vulture
  • A gruesome Mud Orc ready to challenge Wardlings to a fight with his mud puppy
  • The traditional green skinned Orc with his massive battle cleaver and shield


In addition to the Orcs, there are two mythical animals: the Gryphon and Dragon, as well as the tricky Devil figure to round out the set. These figures represent characters who have a bit more fluidity within the Wardlings game universe. They can serve as companions or allies who seek to help the Wardlings, or antagonists who stand in opposition. By focusing on some of the creatures and bad guys that Wardlings might encounter in the world, the last two waves of figures have helped to create the feeling of the greater universe the Wardlings reside in—a living place with different factions trying to make their ways in the world.

The Wardlings line kicked off in early 2018 with half a dozen young adventurer figures and their animal companions. Over time, more and more class figures have been added, and WizKids has begun adding NPC character figures like Orcs, Trolls, and Goblins. The figures are designed to be easily approachable for gamers of all ages. All figures come premium painted, and appeal to younger players and their families while still being appreciable by anyone interested in cool new minis for their table.

Every figure pack, whether a Warding and their companion animal or a large dragon, is the same price, which makes budgeting significantly easier. The Wardlings themselves were designed with inclusivity in mind, with different genders and skin tones available as well as a variety of different class options. The menacing characters such as the Orcs and the Goblins are great looking sculpts that don’t include too much gore or terror while unleashing what a great campaign villain looks like on the imagination, and, hopefully, getting more young people excited about the hobby and introducing the love of tabletop gaming to the next generation.