GTM #246 - Clank! Adventuring Party
by Renegade Game Studios




Fight monsters, grab treasures, and make a mad dash out of the dungeon before the ravenous hydra Hexavultus attacks you and your party of adventurers, which is now bigger and better than ever! In the new expansion Clank! Adventuring Party brings new cards, characters, actions, and components to the Clank! Universe and expands the game to include up to six players. Will you be the greatest adventurer of them all? Or will you be stuck in depths, wondering where your fellow adventurers have gone while feeling the heat of the hydra’s breath?


Even If You’ve Never Clanked Before, Adventuring Party Is An Exciting Addition

For those new to the world of dungeon delving, Clank! is a deck-building adventure where players use their cards to explore depths, fight monsters, and gain treasures. However, adventurers aren’t exactly a quiet group (running around with armor and weapons tends to be a bit noisy). While trying to complete your quest every noise (Clank!) stirs the slumbering hydra from its sleep and if there’s enough Clank! you’ll have to escape the hydra’s fiery attacks as well.


Make it past the depths back into the castle and you’ll be safe, but make it outside and you’ll score extra points for mastering the art of dungeoneering. If you’re stuck in the depths, however, you’ve reached the end of your adventuring days … at least until the next time you play Clank!



What’s New in Adventuring Party

Clank! Adventuring Party retains the quick-and-smooth game play of the original Clank!: each turn you’ll draw five cards and use them to generate boots to travel throughout the dungeon, swords to fight the various monsters you’ll encounter, and skill for new cards to add to your deck. Once you recover an artifact you can begin your ascent back to the surface while trying to avoid any damage-inflicting hydra attacks.

Included in this expansion are new market items such as the invisibility cloak, allowing you to ignore any monsters you come across in the halls. There’s also a new minor secret, the Potion of Stealth, which gives you -1 Clank and your opponents +1 Clank when you decide to use it. It may not be the best way to make friends, but you’re in this for the fortune and glory, remember?


You’ll also find two new terms in some of the cards of this expansion: React and Arrive Choice. React increases the player interaction in Clank! since you can now play React cards during an opponent’s turn. So, if you have a React card that triggers when an opponent defeats the Goblin, you may play it and draw another card to replace it. The React Card remains in your play area until your turn and then you’ll be able to reap any awards or benefits.


The Arrive Choice works like previous Arrive cards, but now when an Arrive Choice card shows up in the Dungeon Row, all players will choose between two options.


All-New Characters and Abilities


Six new and exciting characters are included in Clank! Adventuring Party: Agnet, D’allan, Garignar, Lenara, Monkeybot Prime, and Whiskers. Each comes with its own starting deck, player board, specific character components, and asymmetric card abilities. Let’s take a quick look at each one.


Agnet is a renowned military leader so she enlists members into her forces faster than other players. Whenever you acquire a companion card, you may spend one of your four conscription tokens to place it on top of your deck instead of your discard pile.


D’allan is an elf adventurer who gains a reward when they acquire a dragon egg (-2 Clank), monkey idol (Trash a Burgle card), crown (Crystal Caves don’t stop you), or artifact (you may buy from the Market).


Garignar is a former Orc minion of the hydra Hexavultus. Since he lives for combat, he starts with a Wallop card in his starting deck, giving him two swords. And any time he defeats a monster, he advances the Carnage token on his player board to unlock rewards.


Lenara is a mage who uses her otherworldly skills for thievery and profit. Two of her starting cards, Channel and Study, give you mana tokens to spend for additional actions such as Transfigure (discard then draw a card), Duplicate (copy a card in your play area), and Levitate (immediately acquire a card without paying its skill cost).


Monkeybot Prime is an undying remnant of the Ape Lords civilization. Every time you’re damaged by a dragon attack you’ll remove a cog wheel from your player board and unlock a reward. Monkeybot Prime is a noisy character, generating extra Clank! via its Bolt and Persist cards. However, Persist can heal you throughout your journey.


Whiskers is a feisty feline whose behavior may annoy their fellow adventurers. Whenever Whiskers plays its Cattitude or Saunter cards they’ll flip one of their behavior tokens. If three are flipped, then the hydra attacks! However, the attacks only damage Whiskers’ opponents. Meow!


One Expansion To Play With All

Best of all, Clank! Adventuring Party works with all previous Clank! expansions. Simply choose a character, grab the matching starting deck, player board, and components, and you’re all set. While Clank! Adventuring Party isn’t recommended while playing the Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated campaign, adventurers who have completed the game may use their completed board with it.


With all new characters, abilities, and components, Clank! Adventuring Party will give Clank! veterans and newbies plenty of exciting choices in their next dungeon crawling adventure as well as offer them a chance to expand their party to up to six players.