GTM #247 - Warcaster
by Privateer Press



Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is the latest miniatures game from Privateer Press, but it is their first true science-fiction skirmish game. Warcaster continues Privateer’s legacy of award-winning game rules and miniatures and robust Organized Play offerings while introducing a completely new and unique experience on the tabletop.


In Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika, YOU are the Warcaster. You are not a pawn on the tabletop; you are the god making the moves. Your power comes from a resource called Arcanessence (Arc for short), which can be used to charge up the powers and abilities of the fierce warriors, robotic warjacks, and heavily armed vehicles that you deploy into combat.



Before battle, you’ll assemble a force of 8 to 15 units, which include three-model infantry squads, individual heroes and solo operatives, the mighty warjacks and small vehicles. You’ll also customize the weapon load-outs of your warjacks and vehicles, and choose twelve Cyphers to build a small deck of cards called the Rack. There are no point costs — army-building and deck customization is fast and easy. Grab what you want and get ready to battle.



Game play revolves around narrative-driven, objective-based scenarios using a high-speed alternating activation system. You won’t have time to check your text messages during a Warcaster battle — turns fly by as each round moves the Pulse Tracker scenario timer ahead toward the game’s ultimate conclusion.



Warcaster plays across the entire table. Each turn, you’ll deploy new units from your reserves, summoned to the battlefield through portable void gates that can be dynamically placed to maximize your tactical options. And as a Warcaster, you can battle fearlessly; when your units are destroyed, they return to your reserves to be re-deployed in later turns. You’ll never lose to attrition. Warcaster battles are furious skirmishes right up to the last pulse when the victor is decided by the scenario objectives.



Your units are loaded with powerful weapons and gear that utilize a new technology called Mechanika. By channeling Arc into them, you can increase their potency in battle and activate special effects and abilities. Spike Mechanika with an overloaded charge, and you can trigger even greater abilities to devastate your opponent’s forces.



Warcaster uses dice for conflict resolution, but instead of using normal six-sided dice with numbers, Warcaster is played with Privateer’s trademark Strike Dice, which use a unique design of symbols to indicate successes and blank sides to indicate failures. Combat consists of opposed roles, so both attacker and defender are always engaged. And the better an attack succeeds, the more crushing the blow to the defender.



The secret weapon of the Warcaster is the customizable Rack from which the Warcaster oversees battle. Cyphers are powerful “spells” that the Warcaster can project across the battlefield from the safety of this armored battle carrier, positioned outside the main combat. Harmonics bolster and protect your units while Geometrics increase the strategic capabilities of your squads. Overdrives amp up the power of your warjacks, and Furies set the field of battle ablaze with unparalleled destructive force.



Warcaster battles take place across the Thousand Worlds of the Cyriss galaxy. Each world is connected by a network of interplanetary void gates known as the Hyperuranion. Control of these massive gates is hard fought for, as are the bounties of Arcanessence and other resources they can lead to.

Three human Factions vie for dominance of the Hyperuranion: the technologically advanced, imperialistic Iron Star Alliance; the fiercely independent coalition of free Marcher Worlds; and the vast outlaw cult known as the Aeternus Continuum, who will stop at nothing to unlock the key to immortality. But humanity is not native to any of the Thousand Worlds. They are refugees from a world beyond Cyriss who seized control of the Hyperuranion from its architects — the Empyreans — five thousand years ago. And now, the Empyreans — a collection of many advanced species whose essence is now eternally preserved in a myriad of terrifying machines — want their galaxy back.

The battle for the Thousand Worlds is coming to a tabletop near you. Decide what you fight for. Choose your allegiance. And experience the incomparable power of a Warcaster.

Download the FREE rulebook and learn more at: WARCASTER.COM

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Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game where players collect and customize a battle force of 35mm scale warriors and warjacks and play out epic, scenario-driven battles across a tabletop. Ages 14+.

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