GTM #264 - Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga
by WizKids



Marvel Dice Masters: The Dark Phoenix Saga is Awesome!

The Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga set is on its way! This set is poised to bring dice-rolling, superhero fans even MORE exceptional Dice Masters tabletop game play enjoyment, reviving some beloved game play of the past!   

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Dice Masters, fan of collecting superhero games, or a lover of the X-Men coming to the game for the very first time, the Dark Phoenix Saga set has something for everyone…

All Your Favourite X-Men Characters to Collect & Play

This is the must-have set for X-Men fans, overflowing with your favorite heroes and villains to collect & play. All the tabletop joy of re-enacting your favorite battles from beloved X-Men comic books, cartoons, and movies all in one set.  

The Dark Phoenix Saga set gives you all you need to create awesome teams to play with. As you collect, you’ll be able to bring together the founding members of the X-Men, create a nefarious alliance between the villainous forces of the Hellfire Club and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, or take to the stars and skirmish with the forces of grand intergalactic empires like the Shi’ar.

The set is full of stand-out cards, and for the first-time players will discover exciting new keywords and mechanics to explore too. Gather the founding Five members of the X-Men to discover combos & interactions unique to the original line up or seek team synergy with the introduction of Loyalty Tokens, which will allow you to scale the power of your early purchases for a big winning push later on. With all the different approaches available in set to make the most of these effects you’ll find hours of entertainment as you experiment with different combinations and learn the best ways to optimize these effects for the win.

 Long-standing Dice Masters fans will also find some new twists on some old favorites too, with some of the most popular game effects in the history of Dice Masters returning in new and interesting ways to enjoy. Not only that, but the Dark Phoenix Saga set is fully compatible with all previous Dice Masters releases, providing a wealth of game play opportunity for all player types.  Mix & match your teams with cards from your favourite X-Men themed sets, or let your imagination go wild and create compelling, mixed teams from across the entire catalogue of Dice Masters releases.

 It’s Breathtakingly Beautiful

As you collect all your favourite characters, you’ll discover that the Dark Phoenix Saga set features art from the finest artistic talent working in Marvel comic books today. 

The carefully curated artwork draws inspiration from some of the most popular X-Men storylines ever and will give fans an immersive visual experience to enjoy. This set is sure to catch the eye of collectible tabletop gamers, comic book fans, and trading card collectors alike.

In addition, each card in the set will also be available in a foil variant, giving players the opportunity to bring even more sparkle & shine to their Dice Masters collection. You’ll want to collect all characters you love to play and bring an added element of flair to your games.

AND, as if that wasn’t enough, the set includes some stunning, limited edition full art cards, which look great and allow you to further appreciate the outstanding artwork on display.

Dice Masters has never looked so good!


Pick Up & Play

The Dark Phoenix Saga set is sold as Draft Packs, putting you in a position to get playing instantly. Gather your friends at your Friendly Local Gaming Store, grab a pack each, and get drafting some Dice Masters. It’s as easy as that.

Every pack will bring a fresh Dice Masters experience each time you start up a new draft. There’s a broad range of game effects and combos to explore, and the format will see you crafting a different team each time you play. Each and every draft match you play will likely be a match up you have never seen before.

Some cards even have unique effects that have special relevance in the draft format…

The draft format will provide untold hours of game play fun, engaging players in a creative team building challenge with limited options then the chance to test out your efforts straight away.