GTM #266 - Disney Villainous: Bigger & Badder
by Ravensburger


Disney Villainous Bigger & Badder box

Introducing Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder!

The beloved Disney Villainous line continues with a new expandalone – Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder! This latest entry in the award-winning Disney Villainous franchise introduces players to Pixar characters for the first time, giving them the opportunity to play as Syndrome from “The Incredibles” as well as Lotso from “Toy Story 3”. Additionally, players will be able to step into the role of “The Sword in the Stone” villain, Madam Mim.

In Disney Villainous, all Disney and Pixar Villains have a unique, story-based objective.

Acting as their chosen Villain, players move to a new location in their Realm, take actions based on the icons there, and play cards from a Villain deck made up of Items, Allies, and other helpful cards. To make it more difficult for other Villains to reach their goals, a player can take a Fate action to play meddlesome Heroes, which slows down their opponent. Each Villain has different strategies to win, as well as different weaknesses their opponents can take advantage of. To win, a player must reach their objective first.


“You can’t count on anyone, especially your heroes.”

As the main antagonist in Disney and Pixar’s “The Incredibles,” Syndrome’s goal is to eliminate Supers, including Mr. Incredible. He created the Omnidroids, which are robots designed to do just that. In Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder, he’ll need to upgrade the Omnidroid before defeating it along with all Heroes in his Realm to emerge victorious.

Because the Omnidroids are Syndrome’s creation, he can use them to Vanquish Heroes along with his Allies. However, he’ll need to defeat Omnidroid v.10 to reach his objective and therefore will need upgrade to this version in steps. Syndrome will start with Omnidroid v.X8 in play, and this version will need to be defeated before Omnidroid v.X9 is played, and this version in turn will need to be Vanquished before the final version can be played. In addition to this, Syndrome’s Remote will need to be in his Realm for Syndrome to win the game, as this allows this Villain to move Omnidroid v.10 to a Hero’s location to defeat them.

Syndrome will need to work quickly to upgrade his creation, as there are plenty of Heroes around to mess with his plans. For example, Mr. Incredible gets stronger if Syndrome’s Remote is already in his Realm when this Hero is played, while the adorably powerful Jack-Jack will gain as much Strength as the strongest Hero in his location when he’s put in play.


“You’re a piece of plastic. You were meant to be thrown away.”

In “Toy Story 3,” Lotso is a magenta, strawberry-scented teddy bear who after his apparent abandonment becomes leader of Sunnyside Daycare before transforming it into a prison for unsuspecting toys.

In the game, this Villain will need to entrap four Heroes with 0 Strength in addition to Buzz Lightyear in the Caterpillar Room. To do this, Lotso has Strength Modifier tokens that will help him reduce a Hero’s Strength, and he has both Vanquish actions and certain cards in his Villain deck that help him achieve this. For example, Where’s Your Kid Now? helps Lotso reduce any Hero’s Strength to 0 if they are in his location.

Lotso’s opponents have plenty in their arsenal to foil this fuzzy Villain, but they’ll need to work quickly! Buzz Lightyear begins play as a Guardian, and he prevents Heroes in his location by being Vanquished. However, Lotso can flip Buzz Lightyear to Demo Mode Buzz Lightyear, which makes him Lotso’s Ally!


“Want to fight? Want to have a Wizard’s Duel?!”

The final Villain in Disney: Villainous: Bigger and Badder is Madam Mim, who appears in “The Sword in the Stone.” In this 1963 film, Madam Mim is a witch who fervently believes herself to be the greatest wizard of all time while grossly underestimating Merlin, an old rival.

This narrative is reflected in the game, as those playing as this Villain will need to win the Wizard’s Duel by defeating all of Merlin’s Transformations with Mim’s Transformations. Madam Mim is a lone wolf and therefore has no Allies. Instead, she has Transformation cards in her Villain deck that are used to Vanquish specific Transformations that Merlin makes. For example, Chicken Mim can be used to Vanquish Caterpillar Merlin.

Because Madam Mim’s main goal is to defeat Merlin, this Villain has few Fate cards. However, her opponents can use Fate cards like Archimedes to switch out one Merlin Transformation for another, making it more difficult for her to reach her goal.

Add to your Disney Villainous Games!

Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder is a wonderful standalone game that can be mixed and matched with all Disney Villainous boxes to provide variety in gameplay for up to a six-player game. It is intended for players ages 10 and up and takes about an hour to play. Look for it at your friendly local game store this spring!