GTM #267 - What's New at Unstable Games
by Unstable Games



Gather round, gamers! The team at Unstable Games has been hard at work on exciting new expansion packs for the games that you know and love, including Here to Slay, Happy Little Dinosaurs, and Unstable Unicorns! Whether you’re a fan of berserking warriors, bad dates, or horror movies, there is a little something for everyone!


Here to Slay: Berserkers & Necromancers

First, get ready to meet two brand new Party Leaders in the Here to Slay: Berserkers & Necromancers Expansion Pack! Whether you are a crazed warrior or a wizard of the dark arts, this new expansion pack is the perfect way to unleash your fury.

Here to Slay is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that is perfect for all skill levels. First, you choose a fierce Party Leader to guide your team of Heroes into a dangerous new world of monsters and mischief. Each party leader has a class and a skill that gives you an edge over your opponents, and the new expansion introduces two brand new classes of characters: Berserkers and Necromancers. But choose your character wisely, because you only get one Party Leader throughout the game! On each turn, you get 3 action points to spend. For 1 point, you can draw a card; play a Hero, Magic, or Item card; or roll to use a Hero card’s effect. If you want to battle a Monster, you must meet the party requirements listed on the card. Then, you will roll to determine your fate. If you meet the roll requirement, you defeat the beast. If not, you must pay the price! The first player to successfully slay three Monsters, or build a full Party with six classes, wins the game.

The Berserkers & Necromancers Expansion Pack is bringing brand new animals to the brutal battles you know and love. The new Party Leaders are The Gnawing Dread and The Raging Manticore, and yes, they are as cool as they sound. Then, you’ll build your Party with heroes like Grim Pupper, Boston Terror, Beholden Retriever, Vicious Wildcat, and Gruesome Gladiator. During battle, you’ll face two new terrifying monsters, the Reptilian Ripper and the Doombringer. Plus, you can make gameplay more interesting with Item cards like the Goblet of Caffeination!

The Here to Slay: Berserkers & Necromancers Expansion Pack is made to be added to the Here to Slay Base Game. This pack contains 31 standard-sized cards, 2 oversized Party Leader cards, 2 oversized Monster cards, and 1 rule book. Here to Slay is for 2-6 players, playtime is 30-60 minutes, and the game is for ages 10+.


Happy Little Dinosaurs: Dating Disasters

Up next, laugh at some oh-too-common dating fails with the Happy Little Dinosaurs Dating Disasters Expansion Pack! Ever lost a date to someone who is annoyingly cool? Tried to make long-distance work? Got caught in acid rain on your way to a date? Okay, that last one may just be a dinosaur thing, but it’s still pretty relatable.

In this expansion pack, there is a whole new set of romantic disasters for your dinosaurs to navigate! After all, the only thing worse than a falling meteor is a first date. In this 54-card expansion, you might dodge the dreaded friend zone, encounter a giant catfish, or go out with a dino who says “I love you” way too early. Yikes.

Just like the base game, your goal is to avoid all of life’s little disasters and be the first Dinosaur to reach 50 points or be the last Dinosaur standing! Each round, players will play Point cards to determine who will be stuck with a Disaster card. The player with the highest score collects points equal to their score and moves their Dinosaur meeple along the Escape Route. The player with the lowest score adds the Disaster card to their Disaster Area. Once you collect 3 Disaster cards of the same type or 3 different types of Disaster cards, you’re out! Will you meet the dino of your dreams or get ghosted by your crush? Only the cards can decide.

The Happy Little Dinosaurs Dating Disasters Expansion Pack is made to be added to the Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game. Happy Little Dinosaurs is for 2-4 players, playtime is 30-60 minutes, and the game is for ages 8+.


Unstable Unicorns: Nightmares

The newest Unstable Unicorns expansion is a special treat for all the horror junkies! The Unstable Unicorns Nightmares Expansion Pack has 54 chilling new cards that are dripping with your favorite horror tropes (and of course, lots of Unicorns!). Dancing clowns? Check. Poltergeists? Absolutely. Demonic-looking Baby Unicorns? You better believe it! And don’t forget about the Basic Unicorns, who will definitely make it to the end of the movie—wink wink. But try to protect your Stable, because the first player to build a Unicorn army of seven Unicorns wins the game!

This pack includes new Character cards, Magic cards, Upgrade cards, and Nightmare Downgrade cards. Use Winged Horrorcorn, if you dare, to peek at another player’s hand and steal one of their cards. And if someone destroys your Demonicorn card, you can remove a card from any player’s Stable. You’ll want to keep an eye out for Phantom Unicorn—he can’t be sacrificed or destroyed!

If you thought you were having a bad day, just wait until your Unicorns are Buried Alive by a Downgrade card. When things are looking especially bleak, you can use an Upgrade card like Ghost Guide to try and turn things around. If you love a spooky pun, The Cornjuring will be the perfect card to add a little magic to your game. If all else fails, you can always stop an opponent in their tracks with the Hex Neigh card!

Feeling scared yet? Don’t be a Halloweenie! Bring the horror to game night by building a Unicorn Army that nobody would dare to oppose! The Unstable Unicorns Nightmares Expansion Pack is for ages 14+ and is made to be added to the Unstable Unicorns Base Game (ages 8+) or the NSFW Base Game (ages 21+). Unstable Unicorns is for 2-8 players and gameplay lasts 30-60 minutes.

If your game nights need a little pick-me-up, you need to check out these new expansion packs! The charming artwork, captivating gameplay, and opportunities to destroy your friends and family will make for endless hours of fun!


What is Unstable Games?

We launched our first game, Unstable Unicorns, in 2017, and have been obsessed with making games ever since. All of our games are created by a team of in-house game developers and artists who pride themselves on making games that walk the line between adorable and diabolical. Keep an eye out for jokes and Easter eggs as you play, and you may find some delightful details.

While our games can be brutal and vicious, we actually create them to bring people together. After all, the strongest friendships begin with good old-fashioned power struggles during game night. Our games are created to be accessible and easy to learn for new players, but complex enough to keep seasoned veterans intrigued for years to come.