GTM #269 - Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords
by WizKids


 Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords booster brick package

What’s in the Cards for HeroClix?

Long ago, the sentient island, Okkara, was split in two when it was attacked by an enemy wielding the Twilight Sword. Arakko and Krakoa were separated in an effort to spare the Earth from the daemons of Amenth. Genesis and her children were sealed away in another dimension with Arakko, while her husband Apocalypse remained behind to strengthen Earth’s mutants in case her mission failed.

Centuries passed, and Apocalypse would learn that Genesis’s mission failed. The daemons of Amenth and the Annihilation helm threatened to destroy the Earth. Saturnyne, the Ominiversal Majestrix, sought to prevent the war from spilling into Otherworld by implementing a series of trials to challenge the most powerful sword bearers of the opposing nations. The upcoming Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords set features all the intensity and drama of this epic struggle that will determine the fate of the Earth and beyond!

Saturnyne HeroClix preview

The sculpt of Saturnyne captures her ethereal majesty. Saturnyne has a strong mix of powers and abilities that supports a dynamic playstyle. Poised to deliver quick combat hits and long-range penetrating damage, she will be a great core member of a strong force. She’ll combo excellently with the Green and White Priestesses found in boosters. Teaming Saturnyne up with her counterpart, Captain Britain, offers even more opportunities to diversify your strategy. As a sword bearer, Captain Britain can start the battle with any sword equipped for a cost of 5 points, increasing the efficiency of your team. With an enhanced Willpower ability that succeeds on a roll of 4 or more and Invincible, Captain Britain is true to form—always ready to fight and defend!

Captain Britain HeroClix preview

Unsurprisingly, this set is JAM-PACKED with Sword equipment! Each of these unique weapons offers a powerful bonus to its holder. The Twilight Sword started it all at Okkara, and it will greatly hinder the progress of any opponent by generating blocking terrain on the map. Equally thematic, Isca’s sword Mercy allows for a reroll of the attack dice when the bearer is targeted. Vermillion provides a fiery burst of power after attacking when it deals one damage to each opposing character adjacent to the hit target. The intricately sculpted Alluvium allows the bearer to use Smoke Cloud for free after using the weapon. In total, all 20 featured swords offer a combination of versatility and theme that will elevate the effectiveness of any team, just as they did for the sword bearers who faced the trials of Saturnyne.

HeroClix weapons illustration

Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords is dripping in theme. This set pushes the limits by integrating a gorgeously illustrated deck of Saturnyne’s Tarot Cards as playable elements. Just as the Majestrix herself used the cards to select the trials for the competitors, players can now build a deck of Tarot cards that they can use to alter the game in new and exciting ways. Providing global effects that augment all players’ forces, these cards add an unparalleled extra layer to HeroClix strategy. Players will enjoy throwing their opponents off-balance with fun twists on the abilities they already know and love!

HeroClix Tarot cards

A standard deck of Tarot cards has 78 cards, broken into four suits and the Major Arcana. These concepts were merged with the HeroClix world by mapping each card to elements from the standard Powers and Abilities Card. Pentacles correspond to each Speed power. Swords and Wands are matched to Attack and Damage, respectively. Cups represent defensive powers. The Major Arcana are standalone effects that change the game in meaningful ways without necessarily matching to a specific character power. Players will have opportunities to build their collection of Tarot Cards through boosters and exclusive content offered at organized play events.

Apocalypse HeroClix preview

One of the most exciting things about Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords is that it marks the return of in-store play. A three-month storyline event will bring this set to life and get HeroClix fans together to battle it out in their favorite local game shops. Exclusive prizing is available throughout the course of the event. Fans will compete for awesome sculpts of characters such as Apocalypse, who is an incredibly beefy addition to a Mystics force or a hulking one-man-army. Marvel HeroClix: X of Swords is an epic addition to the HeroClix universe and WizKids is excited for it to hit stores this August through October!

 X of Swords Dice and Token set