GTM #274 - Tome of Beasts 3
by Kobold Press


Tome of Beasts 3 by Kobold Press


If you've heard of Kobold Press, chances are you have heard of our award-winning monster compendiums. I am pleased to inform you that we've done it again.

Tome of Beasts III is the newest volume of 5E monsters in the wildly popular Tome of Beasts series, and we brought the fiercest thunder yet to its selection of over 400 new monsters. Since the first Tome of Beasts volume launched in 2016, Kobold Press has cooked up hundreds of creatures for players looking to take combats from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our newest compendium is no different. The monsters from the Tome of Beasts 3 cover the gamut from trash mobs to major villains. Each has been carefully designed, tested, edited, and illustrated to make an immediate, terrifying impact on your next 5E tabletop game!  

Tome of Beasts 3 by Kobold Press

Trust me when I say that we have gotten really good at making monsters over the years. We put all our knowledge to work assembling this latest batch of baddies to ensure GMs have everything they need to round out their beastly collection. While all our tomes include a healthy mix of every creature type and monsters for each terrain type, we paid special attention to filling in coverage gaps in our previous volumes. In accordance with that, Tome of Beasts 3 has more giants and celestials than any of our other monster books. It also introduces two new creature subcategories, the Archangel and the Fiend Lord.

We here at Kobold Press are not only designers but also GMs and players, so we keep utility in the forefront of our minds when creating mechanics-heavy books like our monster compendiums. Monster books should be useful for every campaign. That's why we designed Tome of Beasts 3 to contain over 200 monsters in the CR 5 to 15 range—because Tier 2 and Tier 3 adventures are what see the most gameplay! Even better, all the monsters in Tome of Beasts 3 use the updated styles from the latest version of the 5th edition of the world's first roleplaying game—so it's even easier to stay on top of monster mechanics!

Tome of Beasts 3 by Kobold Press

No matter what campaign setting your game takes place in, Tome of Beasts 3 has your back with unique monsters to delight and terrify your players. Looking for a terrifying campaign villain? Try the bone lord, a collective amalgam of bones born to punish the living—and the star of the tome's cover art. Need an NPC guaranteed to make your players fall in love? Check out the puffinfolk, bird-headed beings beloved by the gods of the sea. Upgrade tired minion encounters with new allies like the goblin siege engine. Chase adventurers through the planes with ethereal creatures like the moonweb—and try to contain your delight as players realize a gigantic space jellyfish is hunting them. Populate deserts with new foes like the cactus drake and stock the deepest depths with guardians like the lantern giant.

Tome of Beasts 3 - Lairs by Kobold Press

Every creature in the book has art, so you can quickly shop for the perfect creature. To make finding the perfect baddie even easier, Tome of Beasts 3 contains appendices that sort every monster by challenge rating, creature type, and favored terrain! If you are a GM who wants it all, Tome of Beasts 3 also has a variety of partner products to take you beyond the standard hardcover and PDF versions. This tome is available in four VTT editions, so you can easily port our creatures into digital play spaces. If you want backup content to put these beasts to work, grab a copy of the Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs hardcover, which contains 23 ready-to-play short adventures featuring the new monsters.

We can't wait to hear the thrilling—and chilling—stories of how this latest collection of foes features in your games. Our sincerest hope is that your players are surprised by these unfriendly faces and shocked by a devilish new mechanic or two.


Celeste Conowitch is a game designer based out of Seattle. She is the producer, GM, and editor of the 5th Edition actual play podcast Venture Maidens. When not plotting behind the screen, she works as a senior game designer at Kobold Press and has freelanced with companies like Wizards of the Coast, 2CGaming, and MCDM Productions. To keep up with Celeste, follow her on Twitter @cconowitch