GTM #279 - Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix
by WizKids


 Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix logo by WizKids

This year marked the official release of Paizo’s Fists of the Ruby Phoenix adventure path for Pathfinder. The Ruby Phoenix Tournament gathers the most talented martial artists, mages, and misfits from around the world to compete on a world stage. The grand prize is winner’s choice of a priceless treasure from the vault of Hao Jin, the Ruby Phoenix, herself! Players enter with 11th level characters who are invited to compete in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament based on their acclaim and achievement in Golarion. Before facing each other, contestants must pass challenging tests of might and wit against the perils of Danger Island and a Tournament of Trials. Teams that survive these tests then move on to face the best of the best as the tournament quickly escalates in challenge, conflict, and sabotage.

To compliment the adventure path, WizKids is excited to announce the Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Box Sets, a series of five pre-painted miniatures sets that feature a variety of characters and creatures from the adventure setting. Take a closer look at these sets and how they may fit into your upcoming adventures!

 Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

Danger Island Denizens

A variety of dangerous island inhabitants which include Ran-To (Frost Goblin Wrestler), Manananggal, Brartork (Golarion's Finest), Enforcer Warrior, Blue Viper (Lighthouse Form), and Mud Wretch. These figures represent fierce challengers and terrifying tests for the adventures to prove themselves worthy against. Ranging from wicked shapeshifters who feed on the blood and organs of humanoid species, to acrobatic poisonous rat-folk whose sting is as deep as its arsenal, you can use these figures to instantly add a robust mix of challenging obstacles for your competitors to overcome.


Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

Tournament of Trials

An exciting set of monstrous villains which include Golden League Xun, Provincial Jiang-Shi Vampire, Razu (tengu master bard), Rivka, Yabin the Just, Taiga Yai, Shadow Yai. These figures represent tournament officials and less advanced obstacles that contenders need to overcome in the qualifying rounds of the tournament. Ranging from Nagaji fighters who serve as rule enforcers, to stealthy and violent giant oni, these characters will provide worthy practice for your adventurers to prepare of much worse to come.


Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

Martial Arts Masters

A selection of unique PC and NPC options which include Tamikan (Kongamato Predator), Koto Zekora (Onidoshi Sorcerer), Jin-Hae, Syu Tak-Nwa (White Haired Witch), Takatorra (Daitengu Form), Rai Sho Postulant (Yeti Monk), Yarrika (Biting Rose). These figures represent many characters who your adventures may choose to represent themselves, or who they may face up against in the tournament. Ranging from highly intelligent ogre mages, to  frost wielding nightmare guardian yeti monks, these masters of their crafts come with great power and rich storytelling potential.

 Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

Contenders and Champions

A group of prominent figures tied to main plot points (or just stunning sculpts that can be used as PCs) which include Halspin the Stung (Catfolk Beast-Singer), Huldrin Skolsdottir (Ulfen Shieldmaiden), Ghost Eater Monk, Syndara the Sculptor, Hao-Jin (Ruby Phoenix Sorcerer), Irori (God of Perfection). These figures represent the most advanced contenders in the tournament setting. Ranging from a human who ascended to godhood via means of perfecting his martial arts mastery, to a demi-plane-creating sculptor of wonders and monstrosities, to the great sorcerer and Ruby Phoenix herself, these characters will pose seemingly unsurmountable challenges and create meaningful memories for your adventure.


Pathfinder Battles Fists of the Ruby Phoenix minis by WizKids

Syndara the Sculptor, Final Form

In attempt to bring order in a chaotic world, Syndara took to creating entire pocket realities of mathematically precise shapes and spirals. For many years, Syndara was the premier artist of Axis, until one day a ruby-haired sorcerer arrived. The two were immediate kindred spirits. But time passed and Syndara grew jealous of Hao Jin's innate gifts. His creations grew cruel and depraved, his “art” seeking to shock as if to make up for a deficit in ability. Hao Jin realized Syndara wished to impose his own idea of how the world should be on others, even by force if necessary. After a great struggle, Hao Jin defeated her old friend. She could not bear to destroy him, and instead imprisoned him within his own demiplane-in-progress, the Glass Lighthouse. Syndara spent eons trapped and consumed with thoughts of revenge. Now that he is free from his cage, Syndara seeks to humiliate and kill Hao Jin then claim her magic for himself.


If you’re looking for some fantastic figures that present a wide array of thrilling challenges, then the Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix are a perfect fit!