GTM #218 - Conan RPG: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
Reviewed by Thomas Riccardi


It is the Hyborian Age and the world is a land of adventure, monsters and magic. You have decided either by fate or by choice to become an adventurer in this mysterious and violent land. Will you find riches beyond what you can even dream of? Or will you succumb to the horrors that exist in the far reaches of this land. This is the subject of the new Conan RPG that proclaims “adventures in an age undreamed of” by Modiphus Games.

With each roleplaying game comes the part of creating the character that you will want to play and Conan has an almost elegant character creation system. You start by choosing or randomly generating where your character is from. This determines not only your starting language but, it also determines what talent you start off with. This can be something as being able to tell if there is going to be a major disturbance that day or your ability to live off the wilderness. There are several attributes which are: 

  • Agility: How nimble you are and how this affects your Melee, Acrobatics and Stealth skills 
  • Awareness: Your senses are heightened and pertains to your Insight, Observation, Survival and Thievery skills 
  • Brawn: Not only a measure of how strong you are but, your endurance as well as it measures your Athletics and Resistance skills. 
  • Coordination: The steadiness of your hand as your aim is true Parry, Ranged Attacks and Sailing skills are influenced by this trait.
  •  Intelligence: Gauges how smart you are as it enhances your Craft, Healing, Linguistics and Lore skillsets. 
  • Personality: How charming you can be in a crowd and with it comes the ability to Command, Counsel, Persuade, Animal Handling as well as Society. 
  • Willpower: Your resolve as it pertains to not only your physical but also mental resolve and affects your Discipline as well as Sorcery skills.

Each of these attributes has a starting score of 7 however, you also roll a D20 on the attributes there will tell you which are mandatory and which are optional (and the optional ones get a +1 while the best gets a +3 and the worst gets a +2 respectively). Next is determining your cast which will give you not only talents and skills but, a social standing as well as a story. The story is an essential part of creating your character as it fleshes out your character giving it an unique character to play instead of playing the same old one dimensional character. Next is picking out an archetype from the 10 classes that are available as you can be a barbarian like Conan or a nomad who wanders the world never calling one place home. Like I said the previously this character creation system might seem intimidating at first however, there are plenty of examples to help you along the way as they take it step by step. 

Combat and other skill tasks are resolved using a 2D20 system and during combat each character can perform one of each single, free and standard actions. Free actions range from dropping an item to going prone while minor actions include moving (within medium range) or drawing an item. The standard actions include attacking a foe, bracing for a blow or sprinting towards a target in long range. You make an attack if you are in the range of the weapon and then roll to hit. Damage is mitigated by armor and then the character will take wounds and 4 wounds means that the character is very badly injured and one that has taken 5 wounds has died. 

There are many sourcebooks that are going to be released for this game and one of the first is called Conan the Thief. This focuses on the seedy underworld of the Hyborian age as this introduces several new archetypes that you can play as. From the shadowy assassin to the stalwart relic hunter these are some of the new classes you will be able to play as. There are also new talents for you to master as well as equipment that will assist you into getting into places where valuables are kept. There is also a guide for gamemaster’s as it shows how you would be able to run an all thief campaign as well as rules for joining guilds as well.  One of the best parts of this supplement is a heist generator as the gamemaster will be able to generate a worthy heist with just a few dice rolls. 

If you are a fan of the Conan universe you definitely need to check out this roleplaying game as well as its supplements. This keeps the spirit of the world of Conan alive and for more information on this and other products head over to https://www.modiphius.net/collections/conan and get ready to explore a world of peril and wonder.



Fast Facts:

  • MSRP: $49.99
  • Number of Players: 2
  • Age: 14+
  • Duration: Variable
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