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Path of Light and Shadow

The Tyrant Queen has seized the throne, eliminating the land's monarchs and sending their rightful heirs deep into exile! Her rule is oppressive, The Realms lay divided, their former wonder lost and forgotten.

You, the sons and daughters of the once-great houses, have gathered your followers, your conscripts, and your army. The time has come to take back what is yours in Path of Light and Shadow, a massive empire-building experience combining area control, deck management, and civilization customization.

As players vie to rule The Realms, they must enlist and promote supporters, outfit their burgeoning empire with powerful technologies, align with persuasive leaders, and lay siege to the rival exiles after the throne.

Above all else, each player must decide what type of leader they will become, cruel or merciful. But, choose wisely, for each path has its rewards and perils.

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Path of Light and Shadow


SRP: $79.99